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  • Modest Mouse / 764-Hero – Whenever You See Fit
    By on August 18th, 2010 | 128 Comments128 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: alternative / experimental
    country: usa
    notes: –

  • Motim – 21’50”-EP
    By on March 2nd, 2010 | 29 Comments29 Comments Comments


    bitrate: n/a
    genre: Screamo / Post-Rock
    country: Brazil
    notes: Second EP, influenced by June Paik, Envy & some atmospheric black-metal / post-rock stuff.

  • Dancing With Paris – There’s Something In The Water
    By on July 29th, 2009 | 91 Comments91 Comments Comments

    Artist: Dancing With Paris
    Album: There’s Something In The Water
    Year: 2009
    Genre: Metalcore/Dance
    Web: http://www.myspace.com/dancingwithparis
    Country: Canada

    1. Sand Castles
    2. Bled Dry
    3. Orange County
    4. (Boardwalk)
    5. Hardwalk (Of Champions)
    6. Titanic
    7. There’s Something In The Water

    Download – http://www.dancingwithparis.com

  • Two Tongues – Selftitled (2009)
    By on July 23rd, 2009 | 98 Comments98 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 200 kBit/s vbr
    genre: Rock ()
    country: USA

    TWO TONGUES, the new band featuring Max Bemis and Coby Linder of Say Anything
    along with Chris Conley and David Soloway of Saves The Day, announce a February
    3, 2009 release for their self-titled debut. The thirteen-track self-produced
    disc was recorded late last year at Electric Ladybug studios in Northern

    Max Bemis comments on the genesis of the project:
    “Chris has been my favorite songwriter since I was 15. Ten years later he is now
    is one of my closest friends. The Two Tongues record is really an expression of
    the yin and yang; how two “opposite” souls stimulate and battle each other in
    any truly loving relationship. Chris inspired me as a mentor, hero and friend,
    and I inspired him as someone who truly cherishes his work that he can respect
    in his own right. Chris sometimes looks down on himself but is inside a very
    strong, almost Buddha-like centered soul; I have that whole Steven Tyler/Jerry
    Lewis extrovert personality onstage but I’m a totally neurotic, restless soul
    inside. We as two people, therefore, express two sides of a coin. Making the
    record, and it being the first band either of us has ever been in outside of Say
    Anything or Saves the Day, was sort of like falling in love for the second time;
    you have to look outside of yourself and learn to communicate with and trust
    someone who operates in a totally different manner. Ironically, while making
    this record I met the girl I am now in love with, so I was experiencing the same
    thing in the form of friendship with Chris as I was in getting to know this
    female person. So whether you want to look at the record as songs about two
    people starting a romantic relationship or this dynamic of how inspiration
    operates between two people, that’s your choice. We hope it functions on both
    levels. Either way, it’s a dream come true for me, and a true labor of love.”

    Chris Conley says of the collaboration:
    “Working with Max was a dream come true for me. I have never met another
    musician as inspiring and talented. During a dark period in my life, Max’s music
    lifted my heart, and for that I am forever in his debt. When he approached me
    about doing this side project together, my immediate thought was, “I would do it
    with no one else.” So my heart was in it from the moment of inception. The
    process of songwriting and recording was exciting and fluid. As it turns out, we
    work together quite well! I look forward to our next project together so our
    learning and growing can continue.”

  • LSD And The Search For God – Selftitled
    By on July 23rd, 2009 | 107 Comments107 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 320 kBit/s
    genre: Shoegaze!
    notes: New Album!

  • note. – my city of ghosts, stars and hours
    By on June 21st, 2009 | 92 Comments92 Comments Comments



    Bitrate: 192
    Genre: instrumental/experimental
    Country: germany
    Notes: Review will follow!

  • Armada – Gray
    By on June 21st, 2009 | No Comments Comments



    Bitrate: 192 kbs
    Genre: Hardcore / Punk
    Country: USA
    Notes: http://myspace.com/armadahc

  • STAPH – Keys (2009)
    By on April 21st, 2009 | No Comments Comments


    bitrate: 192 kBit/s
    genre: screamo
    country: usa
    notes: N/A

  • By on April 20th, 2009 | 26 Comments26 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 192 kBit/s
    genre: post-rock / ambient / classical
    country: usa
    notes: Check’em out.