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  • Disco//Oslo – Allesfresser (EP) (2011) (Germany)
    By on April 21st, 2012 | 44 Comments44 Comments Comments



    Some days ago, Julian (guitar player of the German punk band Disco//Oslo) contacted me via last.fm and asked me, to put their free EP ALLESFRESSER on this blog.

    This EP contains three awesome punk songs and its cover art.

    They will release their full length on May 11th in Germany.

    Download here!


  • We’re searching for authors!
    By on August 17th, 2010 | 90 Comments90 Comments Comments

    Sup guys…

    We’re searching for some new authors who can keep this blog alive.

    Yeah, as you can see, this blog is going to be dead because every team member is inactive or left the team so there’s no one who can post stuff. I think this blog is kinda rad and it would be nice if it was up to date as it was some months ago.
    Sadly I don’t have the time to run this by myself. As I wrote in the shoutbox, there are some personal reasons who are holding me (is that correct English? Who cares..) e.g. my new workingplace, my girlfriend and the reason that I move the house. So I hope you can understand, that I don’t upload anything when I’m late at home and I plan to see my love or do other stuff. Also I started to sort my music about two years ago and that takes also a lot of time. I also think that nobody cares about that stuff but I wanted to know you that.. “Personal reasons” sound always like “I’m just too lazy” or simply a bad apologize.

    I think if there were more authors and constant updates, it’s going to be awesome again so if you’re interested to join our team, just drop a message and I’ll contact you as soon as possible.

    Oh by the way. No, I don’t earn any money with Skream Your Lungs Out. I also don’t get free merch or CD’s/EP’s/LP’s from bands or distributors. We only get some free MP3’s from bands who want to share their music.
    As you can see there’s no ad’s on this blog. And yes, there was advertisement because I have to pay for my webspace and I attended to school at that time.

    Some last words: I’ll try to post some new albums, when I’m working. I know, some old promises (I did about one year ago..(?)) but I hope I’ll be able to do this.

    Sorry for any mistakes.. Had to do this very fast :]

  • If Footmen Tire You, What Would Horses Do? – Demo (2008)
    By on June 7th, 2010 | 94 Comments94 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: Screamo
    country: Sweden
    notes: Yeah, Mediafire has fucked up the filename because of the question mark in it. Just add the suffix ‘.zip’ and you’ll be able to decompress it.

  • Manipulated Living – Prelude To Oblivion (Demo 2009)
    By on October 6th, 2009 | No Comments Comments


    bitrate: 320 kBit/s
    genre: Post-Rock
    country: Denmark
    notes: Well, Andrew (the drummer of that great band) had sent me a message some days ago and asked me to put their stuff on SYLO. Okay, it took some days but finally I brought it off – sorry again, Andrew!
    Uhm yeah. I checked their Myspace out and I really can say that it’s worth to check it out. If you like it, buy it and go to their concerts.
    Good job, guys.

  • Burn Her Letters – Gravity
    By on July 11th, 2009 | 105 Comments105 Comments Comments


    bitrate: ? kBit/s
    genre: Screamo
    country: Turkey
    notes: Received that some days ago via e-mail and now I was able to put it on… I didn’t check it out yet but as far as I know Burn Her Letters is very good. Thank you, Ricardo!

  • Pansori – Demo (2009)
    By on May 19th, 2009 | No Comments Comments


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: Post-Rock, Screamo
    country: USA
    notes: Yes, I’m very inactive and I really want to apologize for this. I’ll write my final exams soon and there are some more personal things which are more important for me at this time. After my exams I will be back… Hopefully. Thanks to all uploaders 🙂
    Now to the record: It’s just one single song on this demo. Keith (also in Army Of Kashyyyk), the guitar player of that band, gave me this album and asked me to put it up.
    Check it out, I hope there will be more soon.
    Cover is included!

  • Drowning With Our Anchors – You Can Never Go Home Again (2009)
    By on April 8th, 2009 | 110 Comments110 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 256 VBR kBit/s
    genre: Screamo
    country: USA
    notes: Typo on the filename, tags should be okay. Sorry..

  • Girolamos Walk – Girolamos Walk 7″ (2009)
    By on April 8th, 2009 | No Comments Comments


    bitrate: 256 VBR kBit/s
    genre: Emo
    country: Germany
    notes: Got into them by This Borderline Fuckup Is Still About To Drool… and yeah, it’s an awesome band. Purchase their album on their Myspace. Oh yes, they broke up some days ago… :/

  • Last Days Of Kamikaze – Arise Morning EP (2008)
    By on March 26th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 320 kBit/s
    genre: Screamo
    country: Italy
    notes: This band gave us (to saltwater) their album with the permission to spread it and give it to you. saltwater is lazy, so this is the reason why I’m posting this right now. They seem to be very underground. Get it, have fun and support them. Cover, tracklist and all other stuff which could be useful is included. Thank you, Last Days Of Kamikaze!
    Oh yeah, I didn’t check it out till now. But it’s italian screamo. Italian screamo rocks.

  • Pangaea, Ghostchant & Red Tape Parade
    By on March 10th, 2009 | 23 Comments23 Comments Comments


    Great! Mr_Evil took some photos! Check ’em out here.
    Thanks, man!
    You can watch the whole Pangaea gig on Youtube! Watch it here.

    This is my first review, I don’t think it will be good or long. Sorry for any mistakes in my grammar and wrong typed words.

    It was the second Screamo concert I attended. Yeah, some kind of pathetic, I know, but here in Munich (Germany) are not very often Screamo concerts or I can’t go for some reasons I don’t wanna write now. I didn’t take photos because I’m really not good at it so the photos wouldn’t be sharp or you just wouldn’t see anything on it. And fuck, I was there to listen to those bands, not to take any photos! I’ll give you a link, if I find some photos.

    The concert was at a location in Munich called ‘Kafe Marat’. That location is really fucked up. Awesome.
    The first band which played was Pangaea, a Screamo band from Munich. It was their last show by the way. Very sadly… That band was very good. The singer started the first three or four songs with jumpin’ into the audience. Some people were very shocked as the singer jumped onto them. Then he walked in the crowd, singing (yes, okay. Screaming). After some time he jumped onto their merch table still screaming. Then he jumped back into the audience, walked around, screamed at some persons. Some of them screamed back (the lyrics of course). Very nice. At this time a persons next to me had the idea to jump into the crowd, too. Hell, I was fuckin’ shocked as he jumped into my direction…
    Then came the last song. I think it was the 7th or 8th song by them, can’t really remember and I really didn’t count the songs. The singer (I don’t know his name) throw his microphone onto the ground and screamed the shit out of himself. And yes, he walked through the audience and jumped onto their merch table again. He danced very cool by the way.

    The next bands were Ghostchant and Red Tape Parade. Ghostchant is from Munich, too and they play also Screamo. Red Tape Parade is from Würzburg and they play some kind of Punk Rock and Hardcore in my opinion. They had a great idea: Play against each other at the same time. That means there were two stages, on the right side were Ghostchant, Red Tape Parade on the left, of course. Ghostchant started playing their first song. I can’t give you the song names but they played their whole split ep. After the second song the audience turned around and listened to two songs of Red Tape Parade. This happenend four times, as far as I remember and Ghostchant offended Red Tape Parade 😀 Then the bands played one bonus song each and the gig was over. Oh yes, a friend of mine told me that Red Tape Parade wore monkey masks while they were playing a song. I haven’t seen that, there were a lot of people in front of me :/

    Well, what can I say? It was awesome and I really wanna see them again. I had to pay five Euros (6,33 Dollars) to see those three great bands and I got the Red Tape Parade/Ghostchant Split EP 7″ also. Sadly Pangaea broke up, as I already wrote. That band was very great although the singer used to growl sometimes. You should know, that I’m not a big fan of growling. Ghostchant and Red Tape Parade were awesome, too. If you have the chance to see them live, go and watch them, it’s absolutely worth.