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  • Chris Wollard (Anybody Else/Left to lose 7″, Chris Wollard and Addison Burns split 7″, Drag the river split, Over Mine mp3)
    By on May 16th, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    genre: Alt-country/ folk/ Old Punk Rocker turned Country, Acousticish,
    country: USA

    Out of the ashes, of Hot Water Music has come some of the best music I have “experienced” thus far in my life.  I feel that those four men have the secret “midis” touch that is able to turn any sting of words into something golden.  I wasn’t so sure about the “Hot Water Music taking a hiatus” thing in the beginning, and I have heard the rumors that they are recording a new album, and I know that George Rebelo left Against Me!  to tour with Hot Water Music, so for their hiatus it is kinda like my last relationship,  back and forth, back and forth.  “I don’t remember what we were fighting for and i do love you i did not know what would become of us but i have to have my space!  I do at least i think i do love you,  I don’t know, I do love you….

    Today I want to focus on 1/4 of this band.   I have grown to appreciate Chris Wollard’s perspective.   Chris Wollard puts a type of  humanity into his music that makes a connection deep within.  From his work in The Blacktop Cadence (which No Idea records is saying they are coming out with a new record!) to that of Rumbleseat, and his music with “The Ship Thieves”  I believe he has carved out a niche’ for himself outside of his role in Hot Water Music. I have included odds and ends that have not come on any lp, from him.  I have also converted the only copy of Over mine that I could find.  I have his two latest ep’s included in this download.  I hope you enjoy this music as much as I have.  And remember to see him and all of his affiliate bands on tour.  Support them, so he can continue making this beautiful music.



  • Captain, We’re Sinking-The Animals Are Out (lp), demo (ep), It’s a Trip (ep), With Joe Riley (ep)
    By on May 9th, 2011 | 126 Comments126 Comments Comments


    genre: sounds like 90’s Punk, Emotive Hardcore,
    country: USA
    Thoughts: I know this is the first post for me on this site, I love music, and I intend on sharing it with you…I just heard of this band, and I instantly liked them.  They remind me of some of my hometown sounds such as The Riot Before, and another now defunct band In Circles.  I will post them in due time…. I look forward to sharing my musical knowledge with you all.  Happy blogging, and check them out, they have a slight gritty sound to them not totally indecisive but kinda raspy, Think cleaner than Hot Water Music but has Chuck Ragan’s Angst.  Check out there website.  Good lyrics, they remind me of early Boy Sets Fire, or Snapcase type of lyrics….

    Check ’em Out