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  • For Want Of – Smoke (2013)
    By on August 2nd, 2013 | Comments Off on For Want Of – Smoke (2013) Comments

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    This post is long overdue. Recently, For Want Of released their new album entitled Smoke via streaming on bandcamp. This, as well their contribution to Dog Knight’s Orchid Tribute, mark the first release of new music from them since their 2010 EP.  Smoke builds further upon the chaotic and mathy sound, similar to Orchid/Hot Cross, that FOW is well known for. However, with a slew of screamo/hardcore bands releasing albums that sound the same, imo FOW finds a niche with a unique sound, thoughtful lyrics, and atmosphere with these songs. Smoke is highly recommended and easily one of my favorite releases of the year.

    For Want Of will be going on tour with Mahria this summer!
    Dates can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/606352136056041/


  • Interview: Perfect Future
    By on May 15th, 2012 | 40 Comments40 Comments Comments

    Perfect Future is a post-punk/emo band from Frostburg, MD and parts of VA. They’ve been a part of Count Your Lucky Stars Records for the past couple of years, releasing one full length and many different split EPs.

    I recently got a chance to ask them some questions about their upcoming album “Old Wounds: Warmth in the Winter of 1914​-​1915” and some other things.
    You can stream the record on the Perfect Future bandcamp HERE and pre-order it from Count Your Lucky Stars Records HERE. Enjoy!

    Perfect Future facebook
    Perfect Future bandcamp 

    SYLO: Tell us a little about Perfect Future in general. 

    Brendan: We are a band that is separated by 3 hours as two members live in Frostburg, Maryland and the other two live in Annandale, Virginia. Different people have compared us to Yaphet Kotto, Kolya, Van Pelt, Black Sabbath, and a bunch of other twinkly emo bands. I’m definitely not going to bore you with how we became a band because it is very average.

    Matt: I’ve known Brendan for a pretty long time, and was in a band with him earlier before PF. In early 2010, he asked me if I’d be interested in doing the summer tour with him and joining the band, and I was more than happy to do so. That’s how I became involved.

    Ted: Perfect Future is a band that played in my backyard about three years ago and then about a little under a year ago Brendan asked me to be in it and I said “Yes sir” and then I recorded guitar for the new album, and am stoked to be in such a great band with awesome friends.

    SYLO: What do you do when you’re not writing/playing music?

    Brendan: I personally am a couple of weeks finishing up a Master’s degree in order to teach English in middle and high schools. So the last year has consisted of student teaching, night classes, running into my students at punk shows, and trying to hide my tattoos from other teachers, principals, and parents.
    But realistically, when I am not playing music I am watching anime, playing Magic: the Gathering, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or hanging out with my girlfriend.

    Ted: I am finishing up a bachelor’s degree in English at GMU, so I’m only a few steps behind Brendan. I also work at a restaurant, play soccer with my Latino homies, skateboard with my girlfriend, be a comedy duo with Matt, play a ton of jRPGs and platformers, play music with a few other friends in a couple other bands, and get pressured into watching Lost by Brendan and John. Slowly but surely.

    John: I am a cat whisperer.

    Matt: I can be found slaying internet dragons in Azeroth, or working on tons of other musical projects and ideas that never form into real bands.

    SYLO: You’ve all been in a lot of different bands. What are some of those and how does Perfect Future differ from those?

    Brendan: I’m not going to start listing off bands because we are all in multiple bands right now and because John is the drummer for every band in his area for like the past 4 years. As far as genres go, between the four of us we have been in other emo, screamo, punk, hardcore, drone, stoner metal, folk, d-beat, beatdown hardcore, pop, and slow-core bands. I think what Perfect Future does differently though is mainly in regards to the concept of the band as a whole. The band was basically started as a way to play a genre that I love while writing lyrics that don’t quite fit with the genre. Basically, I wanted to have a traditional 90’s sounding emo band that had songs about colonialism, urban sprawl, resource conservation, militarism, and a host of other societal and ethical problems (Hence the name Perfect Future). However, I wasn’t quite sure how to pull off the project early on, which is why some of those early songs are radically different from one another both musically and lyrically. Since then, we have kind of found our niche as a band and our songs are more focused.

    John: I’m currently in several bands in my area: Studying, Kilgore Trout, New Years, Green and Solomon Solomon. Perfect Fu’ture is special to me because it is the only band I have been on tour with, and also it’s the only band that I’m that has been signed to a label. Perfect Future’s genre is unique and unlike any other project I’ve been involved with.

    SYLO: Perfect Future recently did two rad splits, one with List and the other with Wits End! How did those come about? How did you enjoy the split album process?

    Brendan: Oddly enough, both of these splits began with members of some of my favorite bands emailing me to ask if PF wanted to do a split with them. Our split with Reaching Away grew about a little more organically because I was a penpal with Roger since back when The Pine was together; when he started his new band it just sort of happened that we planned a tour and a 7″ split together. I have liked doing all of these splits because it was a way to write songs that are supposed to stand alone. So rather than think about an overall sound aesthetic and song progression within an album, I was able to write a song. I kind of want to do more split records, but at the same time, I’m also interested in the ep format since PF hasn’t one yet.

    SYLO: You’re releasing a new album with Count Your Lucky Stars, Adagio 830, & Sea of Tranquility Records soon. I know it’s a concept album. Can you tell us a little about the story and what inspired it?

    Brendan: I’ve been really into concept records since high school. I was in a few bands (where I wasn’t the songwriter) that would try to write a concept record, but would write two or three songs and then would drop the whole idea. So after the PF s/t CD, I knew I wanted to try to write one. I also knew that I wanted each song to have a stand alone concept as well. I’m not sure if I remember exactly when or how I became so fixated on the World War 1 Christmas truce, but at some point I became somewhat obsessed and did some pretty extensive research on it: reading whole books on the topic, looking up articles from that time, watching documentaries and Joyeux Noel. Anyways, it seemed like that would be the ideal setting to write.

    Basically, the overall plot is about a narrator that writes a letter to a war-time widow at some point (possibly decades later) and reveals that he is the soldier that killed her husband. The narrator kind of feels the need to justify everything before he actually gets to the story, so he tells her about his life growing up in a society that glorifies war and about going to boot camp where he was taught how to not feel sympathy when killing one of the “enemy.” Eventually, the impromptu truce occurs and the narrator meets the widowers husband as they were the first ones to bury the dead soldiers before the truce. The two swap addresses at some point. Later, the commands come down that anyone not fighting will face treason charges, and the narrator is forced to kill the widows husband. This story is made up of a bunch of other stories interwoven to make a more compelling narrative, but it is more grounded in fact than I think a lot of people will realize.

    SYLO: How does that compare to the concept of your self-titled record?

    The self-titled record is conceptual in its approach to songs that all strive to convey the idea that politically, socially, and emotionally things can and must get better. However, I never really intended for it to have a real narrative. Though I do sometimes think of that record as some sort of personal credo that explains all the problems that leads me toward the inevitable conclusion that things must change, but the solutions are left up to the listener. I think the only two songs that offer a definitive answer to cope with world are Make Fun and If We Dance, which both come to the conclusion that the collective “we” must not try to separate our emotions from our actions and that we need to find joy in even terrible situations to avoid complacency.

    SYLO: The new record has a lot of guest vocals and guest instrumentation! Can you give us some examples? Why did you choose to record the album this way?

    Warren Franklin, Chris from Pulling Teeth, Kjetil and Tules from Wits End, Keith from Empire! Empire!. These whole bands are on the record in at least group vocals form: Lizards Have Personalities, Two Knights, The Ground is Lava, and The Island of Misfit Toys. Brendan Ekstrom from Circa Survive was initially supposed to record a guitar track, but after we sent him the track with both Ted and my guitar parts, he said that he liked it so much that everything he tried to add just distracted from other elements he liked.

    I think the main reason that we went this route was because the concept felt like it needed more bells and whistles than a stripped down four piece band could use. Another factor is that Matt and I have shows at our house, so it was an obvious choice to make bands do group vocals. Although, maybe the subconscious reason that I pushed for all the guest musicians is because Axe To Fall is my favorite Converge record because of all the guest musicians.

    SYLO: What has Live Together…Die Alone Records been up too lately?

    LTDA was a project I started to put out some records that I made that did not have great USA distribution. It’s been on hold while I got my master’s degree, which has left me in quite a lot of debt. Depending on whether I get a steady job or something part-time will determine if LTDA picks up momentum or continues to put out records infrequently. Either way, I have been toying with the notion of putting out some super limited lathe cut 7″ splits for solo songs. Super limited in that I might make 10-15. The problem with that would be that each 7″ would cost more than most people are comfortable paying for 2 or 3 songs (maybe $9 a 7″ plus shipping), but some people might dig it.

    SYLO: Any tours soon?

    We are going to be touring New England and the Midwest with Empire! Empire! in July. We are still booking some shows, but it looks like the rough outline is this:

    13 – Washington DC @ Wasted Dream – 431 Kenyan Street NW – w/ Carved Our Names In Snow and more tba
    14 – Philly, PA*
    15 – Robbinsville, NJ @ Jake’s House – 7 Donna Street
    16 – Willimantic, CT @ The Handsome Woman – 271 Ash Street – 6PM – $5 – Vegan Potluck – w/ tba
    17 – Providence, RI @ tba
    18 – Boston, MA*
    19 – Manchester, NH*
    20 – Bangor, Maine *
    21 – Burlington, VT @ tba
    22 – Albany, NY *
    23 – Wilkes-Barre, PA*
    24 – Pittsburgh, PA *
    25 – Akron, OH *
    26 – Ann Arbor, MI*
    27 – Huntington, WV – house show – w/ tba
    28 – Frostburg, MD @ tba

    It’s usually bad news to plan too far ahead, but in the winter I want to try to go to Texas again. Next year I really want to try to do a tour in the UK or Europe, but a lot of that will depend on the financial state that we are all in.

    SYLO: Last words or other things you want to add?

    Matt: A big “Thank you ” to you and the people running the site!

  • Interview: MNMNTS
    By on November 18th, 2011 | 119 Comments119 Comments Comments

    MNMNTS is a really amazing post-hardcore/screamo band from Germany. I originally heard of them through my best friend Benny. He asked me to interview them so here it is! Please check out their album “The Good Life”

    You can download The Good Life HERE.

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other members of the band?

    Hi! Ok, here we go: This is André and Seb, we both play guitar. Besides us, there is another Seb (vocals), his brother Jonas (bass) and Jan (drums).

    Where does the name MNMNTS come from?

    There is no secret meaning behind our name, neither are we megalomaniacs. We just thought it sounds nice. We dropped the vowels some time ago, due to the simple circumstance that there is a shitload of bands with exactly that name out there.

    The latest release is The Good Life, correct? Amazing record. Tell me about the process of creating that masterpiece.

    Correct! And thank you! The album is more or less a conglomerate of both new and old songs. For example, ‘the cross’, ‘giver’ and ‘whoregasm’ have already been released on our d.i.y. 2008 demo. Change is a maybe the only constant in this band, we’ve already had a couple of line-up changes and we are, above all, five individuals with different backgrounds and musical influences. We didn’t want to hide this constant ‘struggle’, but turn our heterogeneity into something creative. To put it in simple words, ‘The Good Life’ is pretty much a ‘best of’ of the first three years of MNMNTS. It is the fair sum of all the experiences that we’ve made so far as a band, as well as a witness to our personal developments during that time. So to speak, ‘The Good Life’ finally made us a band, it completed us.

    What are you planning to next, musically? Any splits or EP?

    To write new songs in the first place! And yes, we are planning to record a second album next summer, which will hopefully be released in fall 2012.

    Do you guys mostly write in German or English? What do you write about?

    Besides ‘A day of only nights’, which contains a short passage in German, we write in English. We don’t have any reasons for doing so, it just felt right until today. Maybe this will change one day in the future, dunno… Our singer generally writes about personal stuff, about growing up in this country as a white middle-class kid and stuff like that. We don’t consider ourselves as a ‘political band’, although we all are political individuals with clear-cut standpoints and attitudes. We try to avoid being too boldly political in a know-it-all manner, but suggest that everyone starts thinking for themselves.

    How is the “D.I.Y. scene” in Germany?

    We are glad to say that the d.i.y. scene in Germany is somehow booming in these days, or has at least improved compared to three or five years ago. Especially young people seem to have an interest in making shows and in the whole d.i.y. idea as such. Most of the girls and guys that booked our tour were at the age of about 20, sometimes even less. In Germany, the d.i.y. scene is closely related to a lefty self-governed background, which is cool, because those kids have access to squats or other non-profit venues, which are often tolerated by the city administrations. However, from time to time there are police raids against squats, which have the consequence that open spaces for any kind of alternative culture are destroyed.
    Personally, we fully identify ourselves with the d.i.y. thing; the whole idea of a creative network of people on a fair and responsible basis is very important to us.

    Speaking of, I know you just back from tour. How was that? Did you get to play with any rad bands?

    Yes, sir! We played three shows together with the amazing Trainwreck (which already have been to the US). Furthermore, you should definitely check out Aslov Kinski and our good friends from Torpedo Holiday!

    Are there any German record labels for hardcore/screamo that we should know about?

    To name the most prominent ones: Adagio 830, Vendetta and Zeitstrafe.

    What music do you guys listen to? Have you listened to any good records lately?

    André digs the Alpinist/Masakari split-LP and is, apart of that, fully into rap music. Seb most of the time listens to calm, melancholy stuff, folk or classical music. Right now, the latest Feist album is on heavy rotation is his bedroom.

    When are you coming to the USA? Seriously!

    As soon as we won the lottery! But seriously, we are working on it. If we’ll get the chance, we’ll go for it!

    Thanks so much for the interview! If you have anything else you want to say or want people to know, go ahead!

    We would like to send hugs to our best friend Benny, who makes all our designs and pays all our bills!
    Check out his stuff at druckwelledesign.blogspot.com. Last but not least, we would of course like to thank you, Andrew! <3.


    You can download The Good Life HERE.










  • Interview: Kazan
    By on October 13th, 2011 | 143 Comments143 Comments Comments

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other members of the band?

    We’re Kazan, from Dijon, France, a bunch of forever-friends making music together since we were kids, we’re 5 and we try to play some heavy and melodic music coming straight from our guts. We have released one album, 2 splits and a demo (you can download everything for free on our website if you like), and we had the chance to make around 80 gigs, half in France, half across Europe. I play guitar in the band, and I also scream my lungs out when needed! The drummer (Vincent), the first guitarist (Judicaël) and I, we met in kindergarten at the age of 3 I think ! Now we’re 26/27 years old, so you can see it’s a long partnership going on. We met our singer Pierre-Mathieu in high school when we were around 17, when we started a band together (we already played some undefined noise for months in our parent’s basement, learning our instruments). We had a bass player with us called Etienne, also a good friend from high-school, but he left the band around 2005. That’s when we met Steve, he was standing alone in a bar with a large beer so we made him learn bass ! And he became a really close friends of us during all these years. We’re kind of proud to still make music between long-time friends, at least I am, it’s like a strength somehow. So who does what in the band .. I answer interviews, Steve and Vincent bring beers to rehearsals, Pierre-Mathieu makes spliff while we’re composing and Judicaël brings his own swag. Basically.

    Where does the name Kazan come from?

    We picked this name from a character from a science-fiction movie called Cube. Some people are trapped in a tricky prison, they  all die in the end, except Kazan who’s an autistic young guy, but who ends to be the most “human” person trapped there. So you can roughly see the message here.

    After creating the band we found other funny meaning of “Kazan” in other languages : I think it means “volcano” in Japan, or “cauldron” in Russian, so you can see unwanted links to our music which tends to be abrasive sometimes. But is also means “benefits” in Turkish, and here, there’s absolutely no link with our activity as a non-profit-DIY band hehe..

    I love the splits with Downfall of Gaïa and After Taste. How did you get to know those bands and how did the splits come to be?
    After Taste is a band from our hometown, Dijon. we all started making music together 10 years ago, so they’re really close friends, even today  we share the same place for rehearsal. So the idea of a common disc came naturally. We didn’t want it to be a classical “split”, with one band on one side and then the other on the other side, but more like a whole musical piece where you can barely define which band is playing, and which has a logic in its evolution. So it’s more a mix-cd than a split-cd, I played piano and guitar on some of their tracks, Damien their singer sings on one of ours, we have friends invited on some other tracks, we all played together on intro/outro, etc.

    A few weeks after we had released this split, we were asked by Downfall of Gaia, through the almighty internet, to make a split tape with them. We didn’t know them at first, but we were glad to make something with a foreign band and we enjoyed their music. Unfortunately we didn’t have new songs at this time, so we put the same tracks as on the split with After Taste. We haven”t played shows with DOG yet, but were looking forward to it. We often take the same roads, so i hope it can happen one day. We’re still following their music,  and I’ve to say their disc (a split with In the hearts of Emperors) is a really good one, pretty epic crust, love it !

    The last Kazan release that I remember is Maslow 0 (which an amazing record, btw). Have you done anything since then? If not, do you plan to record any new music soon?

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It took us quite a long time to give birth to this album, as we’ve all done by ourselves (helped by friends from recording/mixing). We compose songs quite slowly, so for now we don’t have enough matter to record a new disc, but we plan to do this maybe next year. We won’t have a new album ready, but maybe a few songs to share a split with a new band or something like this. Can’t really tell you more for now.

    Does Kazan mostly write in French or English? What are the subjects/themes of the bands lyrics?
    Funny you ask, some dude from a German fanzine asked us recently why we didn’t sing in french in our songs. But we DO sing in french hehe, not easy to get the words on screams I think. We’ve always written in french cause it comes more naturally, it’s way easier to express feelings and thoughts in our native language. In the last cd booklet, we put all our lyrics, coming with explanations in several languages : we didn’t want to translate the lyrics, it could have lost all its meaning, so we translated little texts we wrote to explain what songs were about. It’s important for us that people get keys to understand a piece of our music.

    Concerning the lyrics, they’re always a bit metaphoric, sometimes uneasy to understand, but the themes are always linked to human being behavior. On the album, most songs are about modern society’s flaws : a tendency of being self-destructive, disrespect of our planet, remaining inequality between men and women, alienation, financial accomplishment taking over on self-accomplishment, etc ..

    How is the “D.I.Y. scene” in France? Do you get to play a lot of shows?

    There’s a small DIY punk-hardcore microcosm in France, which has been pretty active for years (maybe a little less these last years). It evolves with time, people come and go, places to make gig close and new ones open (even if it seems easier to close than to open nowadays). We’ve bounded with lots of people and make really close friends these last 6 years we were in Kazan. We have a few connections which permit us to tour in France, but it’s not really easy to find gigs : people who make shows have tons of bands asking for it in their mailboxes, depending on the city you’re in it’s sometimes hard to motivate people to come to the shows, and venues become more and more rare for underground music. If I had to compare, we had the feeling that it was easier to find gigs in eastern Europe (poland, baltics, even Germany) and there are often more people attending.

    Are there any French record labels for hardcore/screamo that we should know about?

    There are plenty of those .. Among quite ancient and really active ones, I could name Purepainsugar (who released a lot of classical screamo bands as Amanda Woodward, Iscariote, Daitro but also a few american bands such as Sinaloa, Off Minor, Ampere, etc..) and our beloved Impure Muzik, who help us with Maslow 0, a 10-years-old label with lots of awesome bands from Europe and US (check their website : impuremuzik.fr). We also have a lot of nice distros in France if you want to find unknown jewels : Orchidscent, Dream Comes true, Emotionally Unstable, etc (we have a bunch of links on our website if you wanna dig in ..)

    What music do you guys listen to? Have you listened to any good records lately?
    We really don’t listen to Hardcore exclusively. We play lot of hip-hop, metal, electro in the van aswell.. as long as it moves your guts it’s good, whatever style of music it is. Concerning hardcore, I’m really into Defeater lately (I think you know), Alpinist (german neo-crust) or Nine Eleven (best punk-hardcore band from France ever). I don’t know much about recent emo/screamo records, I’m pretty stucked in the bands from 2000’s like old Envy, french scene, etc.

    Do you have any plans to tour soon? What about to USA? 😉

    Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find time to go on our. We have to get holidays all together at the same time, and it’s been really difficult these last months. So we mostly have gigs on week-ends, and no tour plans for now. But we’re looking forward to it. Concerning a tour in the US, it would be a dream, but we have to find someone there to book, and a lot of money for buying our plane tickets ! So if anyone is interested in this, feel free to get in touch ! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the interview! If you have anything else you want to say or want people to know, go ahead!

    Many thanks for your interest ! We’re always happy to share with people, so this interview was great. I hope your webzine will go on, with tons of bands to discover ahead. I’ll just end saying that people who want to know more about us can visit our website www.kazan-band.com. All our music is downloadable for free there, so enjoy yourself and share it with your friends ! Thank you Andrew, take care, and hope tomeet you someday in the US or anywhere else !


    Kazan website

    Kazan facebook

    Kazan bandcamp

  • Interview: мища
    By on September 21st, 2011 | 130 Comments130 Comments Comments

    I recently did a short and sweet interview with мища. Check it out.

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other dudes?
    I’m james, i play guitar. robbie plays drums. alex cries.

    мища is obviously not an english name. What does it stand for and how did you guys come up with it?
    its a russian word for a bear, to our understanding, but people tell us it means a lot of different things

    You’ve done a lot of splits recently. How did all those come about? How did you finance them?
    we’ve always done a lot of splits. everything we’ve recorded since lady was intended for a split, it just didn’t all work out.
    we’ve always released alot of our own stuff, on tape mostly, but recently have been fortunate enough to be pressed on vinyl
    thanks to our friends at Bear Records, Word Problems, and Texas Toast DIY.

    мища has some pretty brutal vocals so sometimes it’s impossible to tell what’s being said. What kind of subjects/themes do you guy write about?
    art imitates life. these are our blues.

    Are you a supporter of the phase “d.i.y. or die”? Why or why not?
    yes. people should be killed over d.i.y. ethics, this is a war.

    Are any of you part of another band? Have any of you been in any bands before мища?
    Alex was in a sick folk punk band called Drug Money before. Robbie and I were in a couple bands together in highschool,
    some hardcore stuff and a screamo project but nothing worth mentioning. I have an emo side project ive been sitting on for
    2 years but it doesnt physically exist at this moment.

    What are some rad records you’ve heard recently?
    i haven’t been keep up much recently but the ten thousand leagues splits are dope.
    just heard the new william bonney, thats dope.

    Do you think (at least currently) that the European or American (or maybe another) screamo scene is better?
    i dont know. i think everyone’s too caught up in this whole new wave twinkly post-rock thing.

    What are мища’s plans for the future?
    more splits, euro tour. recording an lp eventually.

    Who would win in a cake baking contest between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    we only know about one kind of baking.

    мища facebook

    Discographie so far

  • Interview: Keep It Together Records
    By on July 21st, 2011 | 108 Comments108 Comments Comments

    Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. My band recently went on tour and in addition to that I have a lot of research I have to do since I’m pursing a Ph.D in Biochemistry. But that is no excuse. I promise to keep this updated because I hated when this site died before. Just a reminder though, if you want to submit your music the best thing to do is E-MAIL ME [emosideproject2(at)aol(dot)com] or send me a message on last.fm (username is fadingthekisses) not post on the group or shout out box because I don’t read those often. Thanks.

    Now for the fun part. I want to change things up a bit. I recently met up with my friend Jacob, who runs an independent record label, at the final Joie de Vivre show and decided I want to help him get a little exposure because I look up to everything he’s doing. So I decided to interview him. This is what came of it.

    <3 andrew

    Keep It Together Records (KITR) is a small independent record label run out of Elkhorn, WI by this dude named Jacob. It’s rare to find someone with the passion for DIY music and lifestyle (as well as general taste for rad music) that Jacob has. Oh and dat epic beard. To commemorate my eternal respect for him I will post the interview I did with him in the hopes that people reading this will purchase a few, or all, of his releases. But first: we must enter the mind of a genius.

    The Interview:

    What was the motivation behind starting KITR?

    I originally got involved with DIY by throwing house shows and letting bands sleep at my house. I went and saw Ghost Mice in Chicago at Toby Foster’s house and thought it was the coolest, most intimate shit ever. a couple of months later, Toby came and played a show in my apartment, and that ended up leading to tons and tons of shows. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many, but I pretty much had them weekly/biweekly for a year and a half. There really isn’t much to do in Elkhorn, and no DIY scene to speak of, so there wasn’t really that many people who came to shows (it ranged from 1-30 people). I ended up branching out into tons of different types of music and meeting tons of awesome bands. Near the end of it, I thought it would be cool to start a record label. It was a way to be involved with DIY music even though I wasn’t a musician (yet?). At the time I had a job and a really low cost of living, so I was able to put out the 12″ for Toby and Evan. Pretty fitting, as Toby pretty much got me into house shows. The second release was going to be a way that I could spread the word about DIY in Elkhorn. It was a bunch of awesome bands that had played at my house, and I originally had the idea to do a writeup with it and just hand them out to kids in Elkhorn for free; kids who didn’t know about the shows I did or DIY in general. About a week before the tape came out, the cops shut me down and told me that I couldn’t have shows anymore. So instead, the comp sort of became a homage to what I had done. After that, I just started asking bands who I had met if they wanted to do releases with me. Lots of them said yes. Thus, the label was born.

    I’ve noticed that a fair bit of your releases are on cassette tape. Is there a specific reasoning for that?

    The first tape I did was a comp, and I thought a tape was a good format for that because a) it was longer than a cd and b) you can’t skip any of the songs. a good way for people to sort of be forced to listen to new bands. In doing so, I learned that tapes are super cheap and you can do small runs. I love vinyl, but the cost associated with it (and having to make so many) is a killer for most small bands. With tapes, you can spend a couple hundred bucks and get a hundred copies of your new album and sell it for 4 bucks and not lose money in the process. I guess it just seems more practical for small bands, and more practical for me as a small label. I do this all myself. Also, tapes are fun and my last car didn’t have a cd player in it, so I had to listen to tapes all the time. Now that I’ve done so many, it’s just
    sort of become my thing. I’ve only had one or two people ask me stuff like ‘why would you do tapes instead of a cd?’, but they just don’t get it. No one cares about cds. You buy one, rip it to your computer, and never touch it again. You can’t do that (easily) with a tape.

    Do you feel like the label has been well received so far?

    The start of it was super slow going, but as it’s went on I definitely think people are getting more into it. I’ve got quite a few releases under my belt, and I must say that I think they’re all pretty great. I don’t do any PR, barely any social networking (I have a twitter account for news), and no advertising. So at this point, I’m riding mostly on word of mouth and the quality of my releases. It’s going pretty well so far. When I started I really wouldn’t have
    guessed that I’d already be up to release number 26. Crazy.

    KITR is obviously involved in the DIY scene. How do you feel DIY helps the music community?

    DIY is so important. Throwing your own shows, going to shows in people’s basements, supporting tiny bands, it all matters. DIY is so much more intimate than any other sort of music. There aren’t many other situations where you can see a band rock out and then hang out with them for the rest of the night. I’ve made more friends through DIY than I have through any other venture of my life. Some of my best friends were met through DIY. I just think it’s important for people to know and understand that there is more to music than 20 dollar concert tickets, 15 dollar cds, and bands who are ‘too big’ to meet you. DIY gets everyone involved and makes everyone important. At a house show, the people attending are just as important as the band playing. And I guess the DIY label is just another extension of all that.

    What’s in the future for KITR?

    For the foreseeable future, I’ll just be doing what I’m doing. Most of my planned releases are in the works already, so it really just sort of depends what comes my way. I always seem to find a way to keep doing something with it. So unless I have some radical life change, you can expect more of the same; releases from sweet bands.

    When you’re not being a total badass and running KITR what do you do?

    I work at a computer store fixing computers. It’s a full time job so I spend a lot of time doing that. When I’m not at work, I play a lot of video games, watch tv/movies, etc. Obviously listen to a lot of music. I’m sort of a media junkie I guess; I’m pretty much always on the computer.

    What have you been listening to lately? (KITR release or not)

    Lately I’ve mostly been listening to Tar…Feathers – Make Way for the Ocean Floor to Fall to the Surface and Dangers – Messy, Isn’t It?. Both albums are absolutely amazing. I put them on repeat constantly. Seriously, everyone should check those out. KITR wise, I listen to Your Neighbour The Liar quite a bit. When I’m driving, I mix it up with my extensive tape collection. I’ve got a lot of awesome emo/screamo/hardcore tapes that I’ve traded for over the years.

    If Superman and Wolverine got into an epic battle who would win (note: Wolverine does not have access to Kryptonite)

    Superman, obviously. Wolverine has the badass factor, but when it comes down to it he just wouldn’t be able to kill superman, end of story. Superman is still a lame super hero though.

    Lastly, and most importantly, favorite Jeromes Dream song?

    Lyrically it’s ‘a second grade art project’ (i cut off my arm, still didn’t compare to the shock of losing you), but musically it’s probably the four songs from the Orchid split. It’s hard to pick a favorite song though, I love Jeromes Dream.

    Keep It Together website

    Keep It Together twitter

    Keep It Together bandcamp

    e-mail: kitrecords(at)gmail(dot)com

    Recommended Releases:

    Toby Foster / Evan Gornik Split

    I.Witness – Southeastern Blues

    Your Neighbour The Liar – S/T

    Swear Words – No Blankets

  • While You Wait – Release review and download
    By on January 19th, 2010 | 104 Comments104 Comments Comments

    Usually, I’m not atracted to hardcore very much. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just that, in my honest opinion, most of the bands are kinda copy/paste. All too similar. But then, there are bands such as “While You Wait”.
    How I got into this band? Well, let’s just say that it was introduced to me through almost family circles. And at first I was like “ok, I’ll take a listen”, but the statement was mostly just to see what’s going on there and I thought that I will quickly forget about the band. But oh damn how I was wrong! The six songs that are feautred on this release just kept spinning and spinning and endlessly spinning on my speakers! And no, it ain’t just because the album lasts “just” eight minutes. While You Wait litteraly radiates with something that is attracting you to their songs. Amazing instruments with great tunes which are really well composed together and the whole record is kinda connected into one whole, so you listen to it in “one breath” so to speak. But then again, you also get the feeling that every song is a different chapter for itself, with riffs, melodies and lyrics changing quite a lot. I especially liked how the album is kind of divided into three parts (at least in my mind), with the first track, “This Is My Sun”, starting quite sudden and explosive. The tempo builds to the third song “A Life For A Life”, which is sort of mid tempo, with a really flowing and constant sound which is amazing. Then after “Watching A World Die” the songs start to have a slower tone at parts with distinctive breakdowns and then finally the last track which is very slow and sort of drifting away to the end of the record. So you really feel the mini-chapters and the oneness of the record at the same time, which is quite interesting. Also, the technical side of the album is quite attractive, some riffs are brilliant and I must say that I like the vocals very much, both the singer’s and the ocasional “scream-alongs”. Every part of the tunes is well composed and infused with one another and you have the feeling that everything is where it should be, litteraly nothing is astray.
    This great EP was released in 2008. But luckily While You Wait is a hardworking band so in 2009 they released an album named “My End My Rebirth”, yet another amazing record. I really suggest to everyone to check them out and support them, since they all are very talented and deserve the attention and I really hope that they will continue to flurish the way they started. Definitely check them out on their myspace page bellow, take a listen and enjoy. I’m sure you will love them!

    I’d also like to thank Andrea (guitar player in WYW), for wanting me to post their release on Skream Your Lungs Out and for being quite excited about that. And of course for the amazing While You Wait merch as a present! Hvala!=) (if you are reading this, say hi to Maria and the rest of the band:)


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: Hardcore
    country: Italy
    notes: www.myspace.com/whileyouwaitmusic

  • We write…
    By on November 12th, 2009 | 111 Comments111 Comments Comments

    …and we support. Botond, a friendly dude from the amazing diy label “Itai Itai records” contacted me expressing wishes for collaboration between his label and our blog. As far as I know and remember, this is the first time a label contacted SYLO, so this is an amazing opportunity for us.
    Itai Itai Records come from Hungary and have a number of great releases behind them, working with bands such as The Third Memory, dUNA, Choose Your Path and also the release of the famous screamo compilation called “Inanition”.
    You can check out their myspace page on www.myspace.com/itaiitairecords

    So starting from tomorrow, next to my daily uploads you will get a bonus upload coming from a band which is connected to Itai Itai. I would like to thank Botond for contacting me and for showing large interest in Skream Your Lungs Out.

  • 36 Daggers, Analena
    By on October 19th, 2009 | 114 Comments114 Comments Comments

    From the time in my life when the awareness of music was awakened I always loved going to shows. And during that (I think) 10year old journey, from the moment the 12 year old boy went to his first gig, there was always the same way of feeling AFTER the show. Pain and buzzing in the ears, an abyssal back pain, almost total dehydration from screaming and singing…and probably a rash around the mouth, since you spend half a show eating dirty hair from the person in front of you. But also there is that other, a sort of emotional side of “gig aftermath”. The show was either wow or meh. The “meh” shows were bitched a bit and then kept quiet about, whilst the “wow” ones were talked about for days, even weeks. And that emotional side never really changed for me and I was always quite sure how I would feel about a show. But then came Analena and changed this “theory” from the core.
    A complete lack of words on what to say about the event. Nothing. Luckily, none of my friends asked me “how was it”, because I really wouldn’t know what to say…except that it was amazing. Yes, it was. But as much as it blew me away, the impact ripped words out from my mouth and I guess I finally understand the meaning of the expression “breathtaking”. And although I will post this review, I still feel like this is just a bunch of random words put together. And it’s short.
    So let’s start this the old fashioned way… The show took place two days ago, on October 17th 2009 in the Culture Center “Grad” (grad means “city” in Serbian). After the shock of seeing on a flyer that Analena was going to play in Belgrade another shock came when I saw that 36 Daggers will be the support band for the event. 36 Daggers is a prominent punk/emo band from Serbia and though I love them very much, I have never been to their show, since short after I heard about the band they disbanded. So I guess I don’t need to explain to you how I felt when I red their name on the poster. And let me be honest, for a brief period before the show, I actually forgot that the band even existed since their songs were lost on some cds in the depth of my room. Guilty. And since this is a revelation of hearing an amazing band for the first time twice, I won’t let it be forgotten again and will even share it in the upload section with you boys and girls.
    The show was scheduled to start at 9 pm, but with a bit delay it started around 10 pm. The show started with the sound of 36 Daggers blasting through the venue. “From Nowhere” was one of the first few songs played and since it being my favorite it really set up a strange mood in me, kinda saddened nostalgia, quite weird but very much enjoyable. And then it continued…”Kalpa Minutes”, “Song About the Raven”, “Seven Targets Left”, were just some of the songs that were soothing the ears of the audience during their half hour performance. I was standing literally at the back of the crowd, so I didn’t see the band, since they played on the floor (true screamo no-stage venue, haha) so I can’t really say anything about the visual aspect of it all. The crowd was very much alive, singing along and moving to the rhythm of the songs. The last song they played was “Eugene In Love”, their longest song and quite an epic ending. During the last minute of the song, I hoped that this show was really a reunion for 36 Daggers and that in the future they will continue playing and maybe put out some new material.
    When 36 Daggers finished, my friend, my girl and myself charged and moved up close to the “stage” and grabbed a nice spot for the three of us. And after a few moments, Analena literally exploded in the venue. The eruption of emotion and music came in the form of the song “Carbon Based Organisms”, really a stunning opening since this is my favorite song. The sound was perfect and me being so close to them while they were playing created a feeling of being almost swallowed by their behemoth instruments. The screams coming from Analena were particularly interesting for me, quite powerful and literally “moving my brain” (quote taken from my greatest inspiration). After the song, Ana talked a bit how it’s been five years since their last show in Belgrade. And it was really kinda sad, not because of the five year break, but because of the mere fact that they are from the country they come from and we are from the country we come from. Whoever knows a bit of Balkan history, knows that there has always been strife and hatred between Croatia and Serbia. But at the show there was non of that present, we were all the same, speaking the same language with absolutely no differences. Apparently both of our “scenes” are holding hands up high to reach each other, but we are sadly divided by rows upon rows of scum who hold ancient grudges which should have been forgotten a long time ago. Either way, Analena continued their show with their amazing songs like “Work In Progress”, “Spilt Milk”, “In Theory and Practice”, “From Automatic To Manual” and they even surprised us with a few new songs, “Inconstantinopolis”, “Send in the Clowns” (if I heard the name of the song correctly) and one song about pirates (that’s how they presented it). The crowd was alive all the time, singing, screaming and jumping around and at times screaming into Ana’s mic. Hehe, in one moment the security guy tried to move the crowd away a bit, but Ana turned him away saying “Don’t worry boys we can handle ourselves fine”. At the end of the show, a rave party was due, but as soon as house beats started, we scrammed away.
    As I said, a bunch of random words pilled up together. I am still confused with what to say about the whole event, but my lack of words is definitely not a sign of a “meh” show. A peak at the “wow” mountain, an amazing opening of the concert season and this is running forward to be one of the best shows this year. I certainly hope we won’t have to wait another five years to hear Analena again…
    After the show when I got home, the buzzing sound in my ears was extreme and the back pain was maddening…but it made me smile.

  • CMAR 2009 – Review
    By on July 28th, 2009 | 125 Comments125 Comments Comments

    15 € – Both Days
    8 € – Friday
    9 € – Saturday


    18:00 – Hammers
    18:50 – Alpinist
    19:40 – Me and Goliath
    20:30 – The Third Memory
    21:20 – Dolcim
    22:10 – Battle of Wolf 359
    23:00 – Trainwreck

    17:00 – Ghostchant
    17:50 – Ghostlimb
    18:40 – Danse Macabre
    19:30 – June Paik
    20:20 – Louise Cyphre
    21:10 – Zann
    22:00 – Graf Orlock
    22:50 – Shikari

    Day 1:

    Our train took off at 12:44. A friend (who just finished work since 10 minutes) and I were sitting in the train with bags full of food and a case of beer and we were talking about „the old days“. At 16:20 our train arrived in Halle (Westphalia) and we were on the way to the bus-terminal. First we ran into the wrong bus, but the bus driver told us, that we should take the other bus to get to Versmold. After 40 minutes bus ride through nothing but cornfields we arrived at the ZOB Versmold. Once we were there, the band “Fargo” asked us, if we were going to the CMAR too and we decided to order a big taxi which drove us to the “Wörstenkrug” within 5 minutes. When we arrived we pitched our tent and went directly into the venue, because we arrived 10 minutes before the first band “Hammers” from Manchester started to play. I can’t tell much about the band, because I don’t like them so much. What sucked was that you couldn’t hear the singer. The first band is always fucked.
    The next band was one of my favourites at the first day: „Alpinist“ from Munster. First Stagediver got onto the stage and finally there was some movement in the crowd. While the band played, we met some very nice Hungarian people and we met outside to drink something. Unfortunately my friend drank way too much of the self-made Hungarian Cognac, so that he lay puking everywhere and I missed the next 3 bands (Me and Goliath, Dolcim and Battle of Wolf 359). Because „The Third Memory“ came a few hours too late and my friend had finally finished puking, I was able to see the last 3 songs of „The Third Memory“ and realized that the atmosphere reached the boiling point. At last “Trainwreck started to play, who were the final straw. Stagedivers everywhere and even I got onto the stage to jump into the crowd, but after a few seconds, I hit my head on the ground, but I got picked up immediately and was carried through the room (and over the cameraman). Trainwreck played about an hour, but just 2 new songs, which you could already hear on the MySpace-site. But nonetheless, the first evening (except the accident with my friend) was amazing.

    Day 2:

    ..Started very early at 4 a.m., because I wasn’t able to sleep on that stony ground with a snoring neighbour. So I took a seat on the bench, directly next to the guitarist of “Ghostchant” and a Dutch, who was talking about his terrible childhood. After 2 hours of doing nothing, I lay back into the tent a slept a few hours. At about 10 a.m. my alcoholic friend finally awake and we were asking ourselves how to kill time till 16 O Clock. Funnily, we realized, everyone was laughing at him or asking him, if he’s ok again.
    At 13 O Clock we took a taxi to Versmold, because we were out of food. Finally it was 4 p.m. and we got into the venue to see „Ghostchant“ from Munich. They played about 30 minutes and played every song I liked. The next band was “Ghostlimb” from California. Very funny guys, its three-quarter of “Graf Orlock” so it has to be funny. Since I don’t like this band, I went to the record-table to buy 7 records and 2 shirts. After Ghostlimb it was time for my favourites of the whole weekend: “Danse Macabre”. Unfortunately the played just about 30 minutes too, but it was a hell of a show! The last song should be a song from the new album, but when the a few people shouted “BESOFFSKI!” they played that song at last. The next band was „June Paik“, who totally blew me away. When the finished their set, I was shaking all over my body. I’d like to thank that little Asian guy in the yellow shirt for kicking me into the face a few times, while we were both crowd surfing. As far as I know, June Paik just played songs from their last 2 LP’s which doesn’t really matter to me, because that two records are my favourites.
    Now it was the turn for the band I was very exited for: “Louise Cyphre”. The band that doesn’t exist anymore, but still plays at the CMAR. Or like the singer said: „Louise Cyphre is not dead, she’s just sleeping very deeply. Maybe we’re here next year again or maybe not.“ Hm, what can I say? I wasn’t really disappointed, but they didn’t blow my away as I expected. Maybe because of the short songs.
    As next it was Zann’s turn. They turned off the lights and did a awesome show with all songs I liked, even my favourite, the “Chokehold” Cover “Burning Bridges” were I tried to get to the microphone were a Dutch helped me to get there, but I didn’t reach the microphone. After Zann it was the turn of one of the most intense Liveband I’ve ever seen: “Graf Orlock“. With their “Trashy Grindcore” they crusted the venue. Mosh Pits, Circle Pits, small Wall of Deaths, everything was there. The singer threw himself (or got pushed by his band mates) into the crowd hundreds of times.
    After „Gorlock“ it was time for maybe the most interesting band of the weekend: „Shikari“ from the Netherlands. The Band split in 2005 (?) and probably played their last show here and totally broke everything. At the beginning he accidently threw down his AMP and then he jump with the guitar into the crowd. Shikari played about 60 minutes and every classic like “Copycat” or “Robot Wars” was played. Amusing was, when it seemed that the Drummer had to go to the toilet and jumped into the crowd to get there. After the Shikari gig, it hang out with some of the Dutch and a guy I met a few hours ago, till I finally realized, I was the only one still awake. So I woke my friend to order a taxi to get to Halle. The Taxi driver nearly killed us when he drove 160 km/h on a 70 km/h way.

    So, that was my CMAR weekend. 15 € entry, about 40 € to get there are totally worth it. And I’ll be there next year again!

    More Photos: