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  • Black Hole Kids – Demo (2010)
    By on March 15th, 2010 | 112 Comments112 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 160 kBit/s
    genre: Screamo, Punk
    country: USA
    notes: Yesterday I was contacted by a very friendly member of BHK, so he gave me their demo to take a listen. Honestly, instant liking of the tunes! The four songs continued to spin nonstop on my player, since I was quite attracted by the vocal and the sort of catchyness of the melodies. BHK is influenced by a variety of genres, such as crust, punk, screamo and post-hardcore, but the thing I liked the most was the ever clinging tone of ’80s hardcore. Very interesting band, hope you boys and girls check them out.

  • Insuiciety – The Cure for the Truth (2009)
    By on March 8th, 2010 | 114 Comments114 Comments Comments


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: Sludge
    country: Poland/Germany
    notes: I was under the impression that I posted it a while ago, but guess what…I didn’t. Which basically surprises me, since I was under huge euphoria after their show last year here in my hometown. This is their first full lenght, and wow is it great! 5 songs, 30 minutes of juicy, slow and thundering sludge sound! Definitely one of the best vocals in sludge genre and yeah you guessed it, it’s a female singer! She absolutely blew me away live (as well as the rest of the band), stunning performance which really puts a seal of “perfection” on this act. Check it out, they deserve the attention.

  • Motim – 21’50”-EP
    By on March 2nd, 2010 | 29 Comments29 Comments Comments


    bitrate: n/a
    genre: Screamo / Post-Rock
    country: Brazil
    notes: Second EP, influenced by June Paik, Envy & some atmospheric black-metal / post-rock stuff.