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  • Barrow – Demo 2010
    By on February 26th, 2011 | 109 Comments109 Comments Comments

    genre: USA
    country: Screamo
    notes: Barrow is a four-piece from Greensboro, North Carolina playing heavy, textured, emotional music. They’re a perfect mixture of screamo, post-hardcore, and hardcore. Reminding at times of La Dispute and other times of Titain/Celeste. Barrow brings a unique flavor of music that will leave you drooling for more.



  • Means To An End – Winter Demo (2011)
    By on February 17th, 2011 | 109 Comments109 Comments Comments

    genre: Hardcore/Screamo
    country: USA
    notes:  Means To An End is a newly formed screamo band Pittsburgh, PA. They’re on the more hardcore/chaotic side of screamo though. The recording style fits the band perfectly and it’s definitely great to have new bands out on the scene fucking ass. Recommended for fans of Comadre and Seeing Means More. Thanks so much to Nate for the links!



  • Sen Deni – No More (2010)
    By on February 17th, 2011 | 110 Comments110 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo/Post-Rock
    country: Belarus
    notes: Sen Deni is a screamo/post-rock band. This is an old release but definitely caught my attention so I wanted to share with everyone. Great for people who love chaos but also love soft melodic parts. Recommended for people who love Envy or Pianos Become The Teeth. Thanks to Andrew for the link!


  • Rivalries – 8 Songs
    By on February 11th, 2011 | 103 Comments103 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo
    country: USA
    notes: it’s no secret that i’ve been on a decent amount of blogs before, and this album is one of those that i just have to post everywhere. It’s just that good. They are way too unheard of. Chaotic at times, whiny nigh-always. Check it.



  • 21 Songs Compilation
    By on February 11th, 2011 | 113 Comments113 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo
    country: Various
    notes: This is a free-to-download compilation of 21 lesser-known screamo/emo bands from around the world. The bands are Crippled Children, Elephant Opinions, Oh, Deer!, World At A Glance, Etai Keshiki, Innards, Nebraska, Animal Faces, Panthalassa, No Action, DramaComa, Lizards Have Personalities, BEARS, Manku Kapak, Edison, Describriendo a Mr.Mime, Family Patches, Laatste Halte, Todos Caeran, Laeirs and Praesentia. Contains both previously released and unreleased songs. Every song is brilliant!


  • Bears – Todos Caerán Split (2011)
    By on February 10th, 2011 | 122 Comments122 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo/Hardcore
    country: Australia/Canada
    notes: Bears (not to be confused with Bears!) is from Tasmania, AU. They combine elements of hardcore and screamo to perfection. The vocals are a mix of spoken word and screamed parts that creates a very unique sound. They remind me a tad of Calculator. Todos Caerán is from Edmonton, Canada (Alberta). They’re a bit more chill and heavy, having a post-rock type feel with very emotional screams. Bears and Todos compliment each other very well which makes the release more than just a collection of random songs and more a unified piece of art. This release for me is an early contender for best split of the year.


    buy (should be up soon)

    facebook (bears) and facebook (todos)

  • Innards – Tracing (2011)
    By on February 9th, 2011 | 124 Comments124 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo/Twinkle Daddies
    country: USA
    notes: Innards is a twinkly screamo band from Fort Worth, Texas. If you haven’t heard of this band by now you’re mega behind on the times. Point is: this is their newest release packing all the punch expected from their last release and more.



  • Manbearpig – Ruined Emo
    By on February 8th, 2011 | 123 Comments123 Comments Comments

    Genre: Hardcore/Emo
    Country: UK
    Notes: Manbearpig is the new kids on the block in modern melodic hardcore that meets emo.
    I’ve seen them a fair amount of places on the interwebs now, so i had to give it a listen, and to be honest, i was pleased. Their name is not as good as their music is, tho. They put this album up for free themselves. Give it a try if you like Touche Amore or Defeater.


  • Snowing – I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (2010)
    By on February 6th, 2011 | 104 Comments104 Comments Comments

    Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted album cover

    genre: Indie/Emo
    country: USA
    notes: Hello there, my name is Nicholai, and this is my first post on SYLO, thanks Fabi, for letting me do this, it’ll be fun. I thought i’d start out by posting Snowing’s recent album, which has yet to come out, it’ll be out on LP and of course on your favorite label for twinkly stuff; Count Your Lucky Stars. The sound is not far from Fuck your emotional bullshit, yet this album seizes me more, and is at points a tad bit heavier. CYLS has put it up, free to download, so grab it at their site.

    download/cyls bandcamp

  • ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! – Demo EP (2011)
    By on February 1st, 2011 | 116 Comments116 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo
    country: Spain
    notes: ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! is a rad band from Madrid. Stylistically reminds me a bit of Gone With The Pain with a hint of Louise Cyphre.  Mostly chaotic, but sometimes melodic. This band is absolutely amazing in every way and you don’t want to miss this release!