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  • Ravachol – Great Moments In The Void EP (2011)
    By on August 1st, 2011 | 113 Comments113 Comments Comments

    genre: Screamo/Emo
    country: England

    Ravachol is a screamo band from the UK. The style reminds me a lot of bands like La Quiete. Also, you’ll notice that they have a female singer with a very unique screaming and writing style. This is a great fucking EP for sure all around.




  • Winter Dust – Existence (2011)
    By on August 1st, 2011 | 114 Comments114 Comments Comments

    genre: Post-Rock/Piano Rock
    country: Italy

    Winter Dust is a band from Padova, Italy. This was sent to me ages ago but I just got around to listening to it. It’s a lot different from what I normally post but it was so interesting that I decided to post it. It’s a mix of post-rock, pop, and ambient rock. There are some screamy parts though! Very piano driven. Fans of Moving Mountains and bands like that would probably love this.