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  • Interview: мища
    By on September 21st, 2011 | 130 Comments130 Comments Comments

    I recently did a short and sweet interview with мища. Check it out.

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other dudes?
    I’m james, i play guitar. robbie plays drums. alex cries.

    мища is obviously not an english name. What does it stand for and how did you guys come up with it?
    its a russian word for a bear, to our understanding, but people tell us it means a lot of different things

    You’ve done a lot of splits recently. How did all those come about? How did you finance them?
    we’ve always done a lot of splits. everything we’ve recorded since lady was intended for a split, it just didn’t all work out.
    we’ve always released alot of our own stuff, on tape mostly, but recently have been fortunate enough to be pressed on vinyl
    thanks to our friends at Bear Records, Word Problems, and Texas Toast DIY.

    мища has some pretty brutal vocals so sometimes it’s impossible to tell what’s being said. What kind of subjects/themes do you guy write about?
    art imitates life. these are our blues.

    Are you a supporter of the phase “d.i.y. or die”? Why or why not?
    yes. people should be killed over d.i.y. ethics, this is a war.

    Are any of you part of another band? Have any of you been in any bands before мища?
    Alex was in a sick folk punk band called Drug Money before. Robbie and I were in a couple bands together in highschool,
    some hardcore stuff and a screamo project but nothing worth mentioning. I have an emo side project ive been sitting on for
    2 years but it doesnt physically exist at this moment.

    What are some rad records you’ve heard recently?
    i haven’t been keep up much recently but the ten thousand leagues splits are dope.
    just heard the new william bonney, thats dope.

    Do you think (at least currently) that the European or American (or maybe another) screamo scene is better?
    i dont know. i think everyone’s too caught up in this whole new wave twinkly post-rock thing.

    What are мища’s plans for the future?
    more splits, euro tour. recording an lp eventually.

    Who would win in a cake baking contest between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    we only know about one kind of baking.

    мища facebook

    Discographie so far

  • Featherweight / Agapé Split (2011)
    By on September 20th, 2011 | 120 Comments120 Comments Comments

    country: USA
    genre: Screamo/Emotional Hardcore
    notes: Featherweight is a screamo/emotional hardcore band from the Boston, MA area. Agapé is screamo from Woonsocket, RI. These two beats of bands recently met to put out this amazing split. Both bands play a style of hardcore reminiscent of Touché Amoré or Modern Life is War. They each put some unique touches though. Unfortunately, Featherweight is playing their last show on 10/8 in Cambridge, MA. Anyone who lives in the area should check it out because they’re one of the best bands I’ve seen live and are some of the best dudes I’ve met.



    Featherweight facebook

    Agapé facebook

  • Mahria / Todos Caerán Split (2011)
    By on September 17th, 2011 | 102 Comments102 Comments Comments











    genre: Screamo
    country: Canada
    notes:  Mahria and Todos Caerán are both from Edmonton! Fans of screamo, emotional hardcore, or post-rock will love this record. Both bands are some of the best bands doing what they do right now. They show that on this record. This will be released as a 10″ by a few labels including A Mountain Far and Dõg Knights Productíons! Thanks to James from Todos for the links.


    buy or buy

    Mahria facebook

    Todos Caerán facebook

  • As We Draw / Euglena / Hexis
    By on September 14th, 2011 | 131 Comments131 Comments Comments

    genre: Hardcore/Post-Metal/Black Metal
    country: France/Russia/Denmark

    Just released online today, this is a massive wall of soundish hardcore release, filled with intense screams and heavy as fuck parts. You can easily hear both sludge and screamo influences here. Hexis is a danish band, that is best described as… Well, you can pretty much sum it up with “Celeste-esque” – massive hiss and fast drummings, intense screaming and earrape that just wont stop. The russian Euglena is heavy and brutal, starting out with a long intro with guitars weeping and sustained screams. As We  Draw is a very powerful trio from France, a country that has a rumour of producing bands with really good emotion and melody, this is definitely true about AWD as well.

    You can download this split for free on bandcamp, or pay what you want, or you can pre-order the 12″ as well.

    Download / Purchase

  • Panthalassa / Broseph Smith Split (2011)
    By on September 13th, 2011 | 115 Comments115 Comments Comments

    genre: screamo/emo
    country: USA

    This is fresh off the presses. Panthalassa is a screamo band Seattle, WA. They bring two new jams. Sean’s vocals always impress me. However, unlike their previous demo there are two guitarists on this. It really brings some new melodies to the table. I love everything this band does. Broseph Smith is screamo from Phoenix, AZ. The first song on this is pretty emo and the second one is more chaotic style you’d expect from a skramz band. These were the first legit recordings from the band that I’ve heard but they impressed me. This is a really good split and you should check it out.


    Panthalassa facebook

    Broseph Smith facebook


  • Bears / Treehouse Split (2011)
    By on September 11th, 2011 | 111 Comments111 Comments Comments

    genre: screamo/indie-rock
    country: Australia

    Bears and Treehouse are both from Hobart, Tasmania. Bears (not to be confused with BEARS!) has been awesome on every release they’ve done so far. They’re probably known best for their 12″ split with Todos Caerán but they’ve got a rocking demo as well (and Simon put together the 21 songs comp released earlier this year).  They don’t let me down on this either. The beginning of Punk Rock is a chill melody to make love to which eventually builds up into a skramaganza that’d make Orchid pee themselves in delight. Scissorwings is a 6 and a half minute jam that pulls at your heart strings. In both vocals are fucking brutal. The musicianship that Bears brings to the table is always refreshing. They remind me of a slower Tristan Tzara. This split was the first time I had ever listened to Treehouse. They’ve got way more of an alternative-rock/lo-fi indie-rock/surf sound. Reminds me of a more punk version of Wavves or Chalk Talk or something. All in all it’s really catchy stuff. For both bands, the recordings are not extremely well produced but it’s actually a relief (seriously Touché Amoré rip off bands, calm down) and it provides a unique sound. This was released only on cd-r (I think) but it’s already sold out!

    Bears facebook
    Treehouse facebook

  • Blue Tape Collective: Volume 1 (2011)
    By on September 9th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    This is a compilation put together by Blue Tape Collective (started by two dudes in Featherweight). Seriously, this compilation is amazing. It’s building awareness for diy bands in the scene which is extremely important. Also, it hopes to get some exposure for some bands you might not hear otherwise. It’s got a lot of different styles such as screamo, hardcore, indie-rock, noodely emo, acoustic, and spoken word. There are a couple of unreleased tracks on this as well. So check it out! Here’s the tracklisting:

    1. Code Orange Kids – Cycles (The Days Get Longer)
    2. Old Gray – City Orchards
    3. Judges – Cluttered Minds
    4. Dowsing – …And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note! (Acoustic Demo)
    5. Centennial – Paper Thin
    6. Old Accusers – The Wait
    7. Deadhorse – No Particular Night Or Morning
    8. Aviator – The Definition Of A Dead End
    9. The Ambulance – Menacingly
    10. Mallard – Kelsey Q. vs. The Holland Tunnel
    11. Wifebeater – But, Right Now
    12. Lizards Have Personalities – Dear Girl Lying In The Middle of The Road, You Could Do Better. (Demo)
    13. Oldfears – 02
    14. My Fictions – Same Grave
    15. William James – Scene From An American Film (Live In New Jersey)
    16. Featherweight – Cul-de-Sac Kings (Live In Connecticut)





  • Mega post!
    By on September 2nd, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    It’s been awhile. Here are some new releases!

    Masakari / Alpinist Split (2011)

    genre: screamo/dark hardcore


    Alexander Korda – Vous Avez Encore Des Secrets Á Dire (2011)

    genre: screamo


    Circle Takes The Square – Decompositions – Vol I. Chapter 1. Rites of Initiation (2011)

    genre: post-hardcore/screamo


    Also heck out their live set for the recent Pg. 99 reunion on NPR (lol):

    Dominic – Dominic 7″ (2011)

    genre: screamo


    Figure/Ground – South (2011)

    genre: emo/noodely/screamo


    Trainwreck – If There Is Light It Will Find You (2011)

    genre: screamo/dark hardcore


    Heaven In Her Arms / Aussitôt Mort Split (2011)

    genre: screamo/post-rock


    Punch – Nothing Lasts EP (2011)

    genre: hardcore/punk


    John Cota / Ten Thousand Leagues Split (2011)

    genre: screamo


    Jowls / The Reptilian Split (2011)

    genre: indie/emo


    Smallhouse – Fennec (2011)

    genre: twinkle daddies/emo


    Wits End – Wits End (2011)

    genre: screamo/emo


    My Fictions – I Want Nothing (2011)

    genre: screamo/hardcore


    Sea Breezes – Demo

    genre: screamo/post-rock/emo


    Date Rape – Summer Tape 2011

    genre: screamo/punk