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  • Adaje / Shark Bait Split (2011)
    By on December 14th, 2011 | 135 Comments135 Comments Comments

    genre: screamo/emo
    country: USA
    notes: Adaje (from Memphis, TN) opens the split with a heavily post-rock influenced introduction called “Caveman” that sets the mood for the entire split. The bass is thick, the guitars are melodic and the drums build in a perfect crescendo. The song suddenly explodes, giving a sort of  “If These Trees Could Talk” vibe. The only lyrics are “I have singled you out.” But the intensity with which they’re screamed is enough to invoke an emotional response. “Caveman Not Cometh” displays Adaje’s more usual style. The song begins with a haunting bass line and is followed by guitar riffs that would make Hot Cross pee themselves with delight.  The rest of the song pulls at your heart strings, changing tempos and style to keep you on the edge of your seat.  The song ends with the line: “Enter the realm of another man’s soul and ask him if his lungs are functional and use them to scream yourself into another world unlike your own.” Heavy. They have a split 7″ coming out with Lizards Have Personalities next year, so watch out for that!

    In contrast to Adaje’s heavy riffage, Shark Bait (from Lafayette, LA) plays a short of emo/screamo fusion made famous by Make Me / Merchant Ships.  In general, they’re a very versatile band.  The beginning of “High Horse” is an upbeat screamed emo jam. The middle has a post-rock interlude that reminds me a bit of “The Appleseed Cast”. The end of the song changes from screaming to singing:  “Fold your arms and make a joke. Your ego will begin to choke you out.” “Something Old, Something New” shows Shark Baits ability to pump out some twinkly jams. The guitar work is awesome and the melodies are super catchy.

    Adaje and Shark Bait make a great duo. Both bands are musically and lyrically talented. In addition, they’re both very versatile and don’t play the same chords with the same melody for 4 minutes.  This provides some much needed relief to the screamo/emo community. This is certainly made my “best of the year” list. Make sure to pick up the cassette tape from Carucage Records!


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