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Melete – Tour EP (2009)

  • Written by xmoonXhowlerx 111 Comments111 Comments Comments
    Last Updated: November 5th, 2009


    bitrate: 180 kBit/s
    genre: Emo, Crust
    country: Slovenia
    notes: Ok, time for some non-screamo content to be posted by me. And this band deserves it, since as much as I see it has a really small fan-base, which is a big no no. Saw them this year in Belgrade, these guys play really astounding emo/crust/hardcore, they put on quite an intense show. Diy to the core with some nice understandings on how underground music scene should be. In emo we crust:) P.S. They don’t own a myspaz page, so check them out here http://www.bizniscore.blogspot.com/

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