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While You Wait – Release review and download

  • Written by xmoonXhowlerx 104 Comments104 Comments Comments
    Last Updated: January 19th, 2010

    Usually, I’m not atracted to hardcore very much. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just that, in my honest opinion, most of the bands are kinda copy/paste. All too similar. But then, there are bands such as “While You Wait”.
    How I got into this band? Well, let’s just say that it was introduced to me through almost family circles. And at first I was like “ok, I’ll take a listen”, but the statement was mostly just to see what’s going on there and I thought that I will quickly forget about the band. But oh damn how I was wrong! The six songs that are feautred on this release just kept spinning and spinning and endlessly spinning on my speakers! And no, it ain’t just because the album lasts “just” eight minutes. While You Wait litteraly radiates with something that is attracting you to their songs. Amazing instruments with great tunes which are really well composed together and the whole record is kinda connected into one whole, so you listen to it in “one breath” so to speak. But then again, you also get the feeling that every song is a different chapter for itself, with riffs, melodies and lyrics changing quite a lot. I especially liked how the album is kind of divided into three parts (at least in my mind), with the first track, “This Is My Sun”, starting quite sudden and explosive. The tempo builds to the third song “A Life For A Life”, which is sort of mid tempo, with a really flowing and constant sound which is amazing. Then after “Watching A World Die” the songs start to have a slower tone at parts with distinctive breakdowns and then finally the last track which is very slow and sort of drifting away to the end of the record. So you really feel the mini-chapters and the oneness of the record at the same time, which is quite interesting. Also, the technical side of the album is quite attractive, some riffs are brilliant and I must say that I like the vocals very much, both the singer’s and the ocasional “scream-alongs”. Every part of the tunes is well composed and infused with one another and you have the feeling that everything is where it should be, litteraly nothing is astray.
    This great EP was released in 2008. But luckily While You Wait is a hardworking band so in 2009 they released an album named “My End My Rebirth”, yet another amazing record. I really suggest to everyone to check them out and support them, since they all are very talented and deserve the attention and I really hope that they will continue to flurish the way they started. Definitely check them out on their myspace page bellow, take a listen and enjoy. I’m sure you will love them!

    I’d also like to thank Andrea (guitar player in WYW), for wanting me to post their release on Skream Your Lungs Out and for being quite excited about that. And of course for the amazing While You Wait merch as a present! Hvala!=) (if you are reading this, say hi to Maria and the rest of the band:)


    bitrate: 128 kBit/s
    genre: Hardcore
    country: Italy
    notes: www.myspace.com/whileyouwaitmusic

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