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Interview: мища

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    Last Updated: September 21st, 2011

    I recently did a short and sweet interview with мища. Check it out.

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other dudes?
    I’m james, i play guitar. robbie plays drums. alex cries.

    мища is obviously not an english name. What does it stand for and how did you guys come up with it?
    its a russian word for a bear, to our understanding, but people tell us it means a lot of different things

    You’ve done a lot of splits recently. How did all those come about? How did you finance them?
    we’ve always done a lot of splits. everything we’ve recorded since lady was intended for a split, it just didn’t all work out.
    we’ve always released alot of our own stuff, on tape mostly, but recently have been fortunate enough to be pressed on vinyl
    thanks to our friends at Bear Records, Word Problems, and Texas Toast DIY.

    мища has some pretty brutal vocals so sometimes it’s impossible to tell what’s being said. What kind of subjects/themes do you guy write about?
    art imitates life. these are our blues.

    Are you a supporter of the phase “d.i.y. or die”? Why or why not?
    yes. people should be killed over d.i.y. ethics, this is a war.

    Are any of you part of another band? Have any of you been in any bands before мища?
    Alex was in a sick folk punk band called Drug Money before. Robbie and I were in a couple bands together in highschool,
    some hardcore stuff and a screamo project but nothing worth mentioning. I have an emo side project ive been sitting on for
    2 years but it doesnt physically exist at this moment.

    What are some rad records you’ve heard recently?
    i haven’t been keep up much recently but the ten thousand leagues splits are dope.
    just heard the new william bonney, thats dope.

    Do you think (at least currently) that the European or American (or maybe another) screamo scene is better?
    i dont know. i think everyone’s too caught up in this whole new wave twinkly post-rock thing.

    What are мища’s plans for the future?
    more splits, euro tour. recording an lp eventually.

    Who would win in a cake baking contest between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    we only know about one kind of baking.

    мища facebook

    Discographie so far

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