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Interview: MNMNTS

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    Last Updated: November 18th, 2011

    MNMNTS is a really amazing post-hardcore/screamo band from Germany. I originally heard of them through my best friend Benny. He asked me to interview them so here it is! Please check out their album “The Good Life”

    You can download The Good Life HERE.

    Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. Who are the other members of the band?

    Hi! Ok, here we go: This is André and Seb, we both play guitar. Besides us, there is another Seb (vocals), his brother Jonas (bass) and Jan (drums).

    Where does the name MNMNTS come from?

    There is no secret meaning behind our name, neither are we megalomaniacs. We just thought it sounds nice. We dropped the vowels some time ago, due to the simple circumstance that there is a shitload of bands with exactly that name out there.

    The latest release is The Good Life, correct? Amazing record. Tell me about the process of creating that masterpiece.

    Correct! And thank you! The album is more or less a conglomerate of both new and old songs. For example, ‘the cross’, ‘giver’ and ‘whoregasm’ have already been released on our d.i.y. 2008 demo. Change is a maybe the only constant in this band, we’ve already had a couple of line-up changes and we are, above all, five individuals with different backgrounds and musical influences. We didn’t want to hide this constant ‘struggle’, but turn our heterogeneity into something creative. To put it in simple words, ‘The Good Life’ is pretty much a ‘best of’ of the first three years of MNMNTS. It is the fair sum of all the experiences that we’ve made so far as a band, as well as a witness to our personal developments during that time. So to speak, ‘The Good Life’ finally made us a band, it completed us.

    What are you planning to next, musically? Any splits or EP?

    To write new songs in the first place! And yes, we are planning to record a second album next summer, which will hopefully be released in fall 2012.

    Do you guys mostly write in German or English? What do you write about?

    Besides ‘A day of only nights’, which contains a short passage in German, we write in English. We don’t have any reasons for doing so, it just felt right until today. Maybe this will change one day in the future, dunno… Our singer generally writes about personal stuff, about growing up in this country as a white middle-class kid and stuff like that. We don’t consider ourselves as a ‘political band’, although we all are political individuals with clear-cut standpoints and attitudes. We try to avoid being too boldly political in a know-it-all manner, but suggest that everyone starts thinking for themselves.

    How is the “D.I.Y. scene” in Germany?

    We are glad to say that the d.i.y. scene in Germany is somehow booming in these days, or has at least improved compared to three or five years ago. Especially young people seem to have an interest in making shows and in the whole d.i.y. idea as such. Most of the girls and guys that booked our tour were at the age of about 20, sometimes even less. In Germany, the d.i.y. scene is closely related to a lefty self-governed background, which is cool, because those kids have access to squats or other non-profit venues, which are often tolerated by the city administrations. However, from time to time there are police raids against squats, which have the consequence that open spaces for any kind of alternative culture are destroyed.
    Personally, we fully identify ourselves with the d.i.y. thing; the whole idea of a creative network of people on a fair and responsible basis is very important to us.

    Speaking of, I know you just back from tour. How was that? Did you get to play with any rad bands?

    Yes, sir! We played three shows together with the amazing Trainwreck (which already have been to the US). Furthermore, you should definitely check out Aslov Kinski and our good friends from Torpedo Holiday!

    Are there any German record labels for hardcore/screamo that we should know about?

    To name the most prominent ones: Adagio 830, Vendetta and Zeitstrafe.

    What music do you guys listen to? Have you listened to any good records lately?

    André digs the Alpinist/Masakari split-LP and is, apart of that, fully into rap music. Seb most of the time listens to calm, melancholy stuff, folk or classical music. Right now, the latest Feist album is on heavy rotation is his bedroom.

    When are you coming to the USA? Seriously!

    As soon as we won the lottery! But seriously, we are working on it. If we’ll get the chance, we’ll go for it!

    Thanks so much for the interview! If you have anything else you want to say or want people to know, go ahead!

    We would like to send hugs to our best friend Benny, who makes all our designs and pays all our bills!
    Check out his stuff at druckwelledesign.blogspot.com. Last but not least, we would of course like to thank you, Andrew! <3.


    You can download The Good Life HERE.










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