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Interview: Gas Up Yr Hearse!

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    Last Updated: March 21st, 2013

    Gas Up Yr Hearse! is an upcoming screamo band from Illinois. Their music is on the more “chaotic” side of the spectrum. Although they have only been a band for about a year, they have shown a strong dedication to the scene. I sat down with them for a short interview about their music and future as a band. Check it out!

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    SYLO: Who is in Gas Up Yr Hearse!?
    Kyle: We’re currently myself and Lucero on vocals, Pat on guitar, Nelson on drums, and Matt on bass. Shout outs to our old members Johnny and Trent that played drums and bass on our demo, Andy who played bass on everything else we have recorded as of now, and Ryan who is the most spruced dude in the world.

    Your music is pretty chaotic! Where do you draw your musical influences from?
    Kyle: We listen to a lot of emoviolence, tech grind, sass, chaotic metalcore, and noise rock. I know that what kind of band I want to be in changes every few days so we throw it all together. The first Norma Jean album rules. Fight me if you disagree (not really).

    Pat: Well as Kyle stated we have a very wide range of different styles of hardcore, but really I end up getting the most inspired when I listen to 2002 – 2006 era metalcore, especially the See You Next Tuesday Summer Sampler. I try to blend that with a mixture of screamo and power violence for a real wacky sound. However, I also like to include influences from dancy type songs for weird grooves as well.

    Does your lyrical content have any reoccurring themes? What do you write about?
    Kyle: I write about people letting me down a lot. I’ve been looking outward a lot more than I used to. I try to describe problems instead of how said problems make me feel in our newer stuff.

    Lucero: I had the misfortune/luck to get hit with many problems I’d never really faced before when I first joined the band, so like Kyle, I drew much of what my lyrics describe from situations that I was struggling with getting through. Things are a lot better nowadays (thankfully!) so I focus now on analyzing my relationships with those close, and not so close, to me. I think the themes that reoccur most in my lyrics are social perceptions and sticking though things that you really shouldn’t focus on. If you have no power over a situation why worry about it?

    For people who don’t know a lot about it, can you tell us about the Normal/Urbana, IL scene?
    Kyle: You must not know much since they’re two separate places… nerd! Bloomington/Normal and Champaign/Urbana are towns in central Illinois that are about an hour away from each other. Both are college towns but there’s more going on in Champaign/Urbana. It’s bigger and the University of Illinois entices more people. I live in Normal though so I can only speak for half of our geography. Bloomington/Normal is into scene metalcore in whatever form is hot right now. There’s people doing cool stuff but we’re not in the best shape. We do shows at our house though and we get decent turnout. There’s a lot more overlap between various scenes just because of our size as compared to major metropolitan areas.

    Pat: Having lived in both towns I can comment on this pretty well. Champaign has a really tight and close knit scene. There’s a lot of weird hardcore and punk bands in the area. There used to be a huge house show scene in Champaign but since last year the number has dropped a lot and now there’s more happening at bars. However, Error Records is opening up a record store/venue that is going to rule. There is a ton of stuff happening there. In Normal it’s really only a select few of us who book DIY shows. Most of the people who come out to the shows come for specific bands rather than just to support the show and have fun but still we’ve had a lot of awesome shows here.

    What have you released so far and how can we get physical copies of those releases?
    Kyle: We did seventy five copies of our demo but we sold out and don’t plan on making anymore. We don’t sound like we did then so I don’t really want to be selling that to people. It’s up on Bandcamp though. We’re in the process of making our new tapes and the floppy split though. We’ll have those at shows and on Bandcamp/Bigcartel.

    What releases do you have coming up?
    Kyle: Well besides what I mentioned above there’s a six way split seven inch between us, Coma Regalia, Anodes, Acidic Tree, Dessa Sons, and The Story Changes that’s coming out on Middle Man. There’s also a square split seven we’re supposed to do with Coma Regalia and a split seven with Aspergers. I believe the square seven is going to be on Middle Man and Two Fur and the Aspergers split wll be through Endnote and KYEO Speaks. Shout outs to those dudes for helping us. Oh, and Pat’s putting out his Swollen Lungs compilation. There’s a ton of bands on that.

    You do a lot of split releases. How do they come about and why do you think they’re so important?
    Kyle: Being on records with friends/bands we like is cool. I mean we’re not nearly as good as Coma Regalia but if we’re on a record with them we can mooch of their cred. It’s really all for the cred.

    How does the sound/lyrical content of the new songs compare to your previous releases?
    Kyle: Oops! In regards to lyrics I already answered this. As for our sound we’ve gotten less noisy/effects based and cut out our breakdowns. We’ve also gotten faster and more intricate.

    What gear do you use?
    Pat: Well right now for guitar I use a 1967 Harmony Bobkat or my Squire Bullet (This is my beater. I have sawed it up and rewired it so much that it doesn’t look like it’d work). I also use a Peavey Revolution or a Sunn Concert Bass through a really awful Ibanez Tone Blaster cab. As far as pedals go I only use a Fulltone OCD and Boss Super Shifter right now. Our bass player Matt usually uses his terrible Squire bass, that’s falling apart, some boutique fuzz pedal, and my Sunn Concert Bass and Kasino 2×15 cab. Nelson plays some pretty drums. I’m not really too sure what kind though. They have a red stain and Zildjian cymbals.

    Kyle: Nelson needs a bell.

    You’re putting together a 7″ comp, can you tell us a bit about that?
    Pat: Yeah! I’m in the process of putting together a twenty five band seven inch right now called Swollen Lungs. I have been really stoked on comps and I like all the older comps like Emo Armageddon series. Lately there just hasn’t been as many really good vinyl comps, so I figured “why not do one?”. The concept of it isn’t really unique but I think that it’s going to come together really well, something that people haven’t been stoked on in a while. Each band will have up to thirty seconds for their song. I’m going to cram twenty five bands on it, spanning five continents. I’m not sure exactly how big the run will be yet but you’ll be able to buy them from the bands!

    If you could play a show with any band (dead or alive), who would it be?
    Kyle: Tower of Rome or In Loving Memory or Usurp Synapse.
    Pat: Tower of Rome for sure. I would also love to play with Eucalypt.

    Anything you want to add?
    Kyle: Thanks for the interview

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