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The Number 12 Looks Like You – Worse Than Alone (2009)

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    Last Updated: March 12th, 2009


    With their fourth release Worse Than Alone (2009), The Number 12 Looks Like You has added a dynamic which most math core bands seem to lack; structure. Considering the commercial success of Mongrel (2007), it is no wonder the band have sought refinement in their sound. Opening track ‘Glory Kingdom’ noticeably departs from previous efforts and sets the focus of the entire album. Gone is the spasmodic call and response twin vocal assault; an integral element to earlier albums, now replaced by gang vocals and shouts rather than screams. Gone is the varied use of time signature within individual songs; now contained within tight individual structures, time changes complement the overall sound rather than act to disrupt and jar the listener.

    This is not to say however that the album is in any means inferior to previous efforts. The bands new approach allows for some truly memorable moments that are as devastating, if not more so, as previous efforts. ‘To Catch a Tiger’s song structure revolves around repeated guitar patterns that start as powerful, hard rock breakdowns and which descend into heavy, hardcore breakdowns all the while punctuated by gang vocals. ‘Marvin’s Jungle’ on the other hand, allows the band to incorporate elements of punk- rock for a surprisingly joyous conclusion.

    Despite this the band still retains their trademark sound on some tracks. ‘The Garden’s All Nighters’ is perhaps the best example of this. Shifting from layers of highly complex progressive metal to beautifully constructed jazz interludes; the song purposefully acts as an homage to Mongrel whilst remaining distinct enough to coordinate with the refined sound of the new album on the whole.

    Highly energised and distinctly different in tone and direction, Worse Than Alone shows how even the most innovative bands can expand upon a sound they themselves created. The Number 12 Looks Like You have created a worthy follow up to 2007’s Mongrel that builds upon the complex math-core elements of previous albums and refines them into something wholly more powerful.


    The Number 12 Looks Like You – Worse Than Alone

    Track Listing:

    1. Glory Kingdom
    2. Given Life
    3. To Catch A Tiger
    4. Marvin’ Jungle
    5. The Garden’s All Nighters (Slothbear’s Top Track)
    6. If They Holler, Don’t Let Go
    7. Retort, Rebuild, Remind
    8. The League of Endangered Oddities
    9. Serpentine
    10. I’ll Make My Own Hours


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