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  • arrow3 What is Skream Your Lungs Out?
    Skream Your Lungs Out (short: SYLO) is a music blog. Albums you can find here are mostly known as underground music but there will be some mainstream music, too.

    arrow3 Is SYLO illegal?
    In many countries it is illegal to download copyrighted material. You have to delete every downloaded file within 24 hours.
    None of that albums is hosted on our webserver.

    arrow3 I want to support those bands!
    We hope you do! All albums are only for promotions. If you like a band, buy their albums, visit their concerts and purchase their merch – if you like it, buy it! At last the bands get their money by their fans.

    arrow3 Your band on this blog & deletion of copyrighted material
    Just send the download link with some information (artist, album name, year, bitrate) to a SYLO team member. Remember to give us the complete album link and not one or two songs of it. We’ll try to put it on as soon as possible.
    Well, we can’t ask every band and every label for their permission to put their stuff online so if you find any stuff of your label or band on here, leave a message and we’ll put it down. Thanks.

    arrow3 There’s a dead link & I have wishes. What to do?
    Leave a message and we’ll reupload it as soon as possible. You can also leave your wishes. We’ll try to get it for you. Post every dead link into the shoutbox. Soon there will be a “Request Database” so no request will get lost.

    arrow3 I want to become an uploader!
    If you want to be an uploader, send a message to Shore or Saltwater. You can find all ways to contact them on our Team page (link is on the top). All uploaders which won’t upload anything will be kicked. We’re not interested in inactive uploaders what means that you have to upload some stuff sometimes. We won’t ban anyone so if you were kicked, you can go back in anytime.

    arrow3 I want to be your blog partner!
    Just leave your blog url in our shoutbox and write something like ‘Wanna be my partner?’. Remember to put the link of your blog within that message.
    Everyone who asks for a partnership should put our link into their linklist. If not, they will get kicked out of our linklist.

    arrow3 Great. But who is SYLO / who runs it?
    Check out ‘Team’.

    arrow3 Why are there ads on your blog?
    This project is hosted on my private webspace. I have to pay every month for it and I’m still attending to school what means, that I don’t have the big money. I think ads are very ordinary at this time and you would help me by that. It will pop up once a day (as far as I know…) and you just need to close it. You can use a pop up blocker of course, I will respect this. Thanks.

    arrow3 I can’t stand your English!
    Only one uploader of SYLO speaks English as his native language. The other guys study it at school so there can be some mistakes in our grammar.
    Thank you for tolerating this.